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Monday, 26 October 2020

The Morbi

Beware of 21 gaming apps in Google Pay Store

 Beware of 21 gaming apps in Google Pay Store

Hello friends,

          it is important to be very careful when using social media right now. Today everyone uses the app but is not vigilant. So special care should be taken whenever young children use the app. Somewhere your data needs to be secure. Even if children are playing a game, they should be very careful. Their attention should be taken by their parents.

         This is part of the 21 Hidden S Family Trojan based on a cyber security company.  The company says that Google is also currently investigating reports of adware gaming apps.  Data from Censor Tower states that these 21 apps have been downloaded a total of 8 million times from the store.  Such a special alert for Android users has been downloaded a total of 8 million times from the Alert 21 App Store with 21 adware gaming apps.  

After downloading it from the Google Play Store, the things it is promoting are not visible.  But it happens that this fills the user's phone with unnecessary advertisements.  Aa MON NO Find out what these warning apps are

Learn what is this warning app 

1.Shoot Them 

2.Crush Car 

3. Rolling Scroll 

4. Helicopter Attack - NEW 

5. Assassin Legend - 2020 NEW 

6. Helicopter Shoot

 7. Rugby Pass

 8. Flying Skateboard

 9. Iron it 

10.Shooting Run 

11. Plant Monster

12. Find Hidden  

13. Find 5 Differences - 2020 NEW

 14.Rotate Shape

15. Jump Jump 

16.Find the Differences - Puzzle Game 

17.Sway Man

18. Desert Against 

19.Money Destroyer

 20Cream Trip - NEW 

21. Props Rescue 

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