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Sunday, 6 December 2020

Income Tax Calculation File For 2020/21

 Income Tax Calculation File For 2020/21


Income Tax Calculation File For Year : 2020/21.

Calculate And Compare As Per....




For Income Tax Calculation Method And Guidance...For This Year...


Apade prayatn chalu rakhishu to jadapi tarikh jaher karase chutani pahela.

150 jagya khali che ane 128 vadh ma che 1thi5 ma pan bija taluka ma siksako ne javu padse

 The great people of the world were able to succeed only because every moment they were engaged in their purpose, resolve.  Always be aware of your goals.  Never postpone tasks for tomorrow.  Do not stop doing karma even if the time is not favorable.  You can get victory or defeat if you do karma, but if you do not do karma, you only get defeat.


 In front of Purusharthi's effort, fate is also forced to give fruit.  Every grown man was ever a crying child.  Each grand building was once a fantasy on white paper.  Doesn't matter where you are today?  What is important is where do you want to be tomorrow?


 Bhagirath brought Gangaji from Devalok to the land.  Don't waste time, continue your efforts, success stands out to welcome you by spreading the arm.


 Primary teachers are waging a fight on social media, including Twitter, with a demand for a grade pay of Rs 4,200.  Then 65000 primary teachers across the state will protest with the demand of grade penny by holding a symbolic fast from Monday 7th to 9th Wednesday with the family at their home.  In addition, teachers will post photos of the symbolic fast on social media, including Twitter.

Income Tax Calculation File For 2020/21

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